Importance of a Transportation Facility to You and Your Family

A transportation facility or transportation service is important to you and your family. It could be a car, a pick-up, a van, a motorcycle or a tricycle. Here in Ilocos Norte, the most mode of transportation is a tricycle – a motorcycle with a sidecar. A transportation facility has so many uses: for emergency cases, dropping the kids at their schools, dropping your wife at the supermarket, etc.

Although many of us here dream of having a car, there are several factors that affect buying a car like this:


For Filipinos, luxury cars or anything they deem expensive is no longer practical. Ilocanos are even known for being “kuripot” so do not expect too many Ilocanos to buy fancy and expensive vehicles.

In the US and Europe, the scenario is a bit different because American and Europeans prefer more fancy vehicles. While this is true, most of them do not have enough money to buy one for themselves and/or their family. A bad credit auto loans record can also hamper their ambition to have a fancy car. As such, the solution could be to search for companies that could help them with this problem. In western countries, cars are a necessity and not a luxury. In going to work, one cannot afford to get late because of traffic and the lack of ability to go places anytime anywhere because he has no car or any form of transportation facility that will take him there on time.

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