Laoag City Fiesta is Ilocos Norte Fiesta

Laoag City Fiesta is schedule from February 1-10 each year. However, when Laoag City celebrates its “town” fiesta, the whole Ilocos Norte celebrates with it. Thousands of people from all over Ilocos Norte come to Laoag City for the annual fiesta which showcases concerts, Hawaiiano Nights, parades and of course, the “Perya” or carnival. Students in high schools and colleges in Laoag City are required to attend most activities involved in the celebration.

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iTunes Plus: Free iTunes 8 Download

If you have an iPod Touch or iPod Nano-Chromatic, the free iTunes download is right for you. iTunes 8 download is available at the Apple website. I have seen some major changes in iTunes 8 since the start of 2009. Reports show that iTunes 8 is now a portal of a high-quality, Digital Rights Management (DRM) free music. In addition, iTunes Plus is the new standard on iTunes.

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Drug Dependence is Not Always a Form of Drug Abuse

What is the difference between drug abuse and drug dependency? The answer lies in the use of certain substances.

Drug abuse is a pathologic disorder wherein a person has the overindulgence to take or use certain drug/s. This is another type of substance abuse aside from alcoholism. This abuse pertains to either prescription or non-prescription drugs used for non-medical or non-therapeutic purposes. These drugs that are usually abused are psychoactive drugs and/or performance enhancing drugs.

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January is Perhaps the Coldest Month in the Philippines

I’ve been constantly monitoring the weather in Ilocos Norte, Philippines for the past few years now. In my estimation, January is the coldest month in Ilocos Norte and many parts of the Philippines including Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines.

This January, Ilocos Norte has always been cloudy. It’s very cold at night especially during dawn. I had to use a comforter to keep me warm during this time. According to weather reports, the temperature range between 68-82 degrees Fareinheit (not much for those who are used to 50 degrees and below but Filipinos are not used to cold weather. It takes a little while before Filipinos can get used to this weather.

Summer, however, is a total opposite. During summer (March-May), the weather gets so hot many people experience heat stroke and heart attack.

2009 New Years Myspace Layouts: Happy New Years 2009 MySpace Layouts

Happy New Year to all! 2009 New Years Myspace layouts or themes are great. With New Years Myspace 2.0 layouts/themes being sought to pimp Myspace 2.0 profiles, there’s no question 2009 New Years Myspace layouts are going to be a point competition for Myspace 2.0 layouts generators or websites.

If you are interested in Myspace 2.0 layouts and is seeking New Years Myspace layouts for 2009, click on the link given above. If you are a friendster user, click here: Free Happy New Year 2009 Friendster Layouts/Themes/Skins/Backgrounds. Again, Happy New Year to all and may you find the perfect New Year 2009 Myspace Layouts for you.

Christmas and New Year in Ilocos Norte

Christmas in Ilocos Norte has been very tough for many people especially shoppers. It was very diffult to go to shopping areas especially in Laoag City because of the shopping rush. I am not certain if the scenario on New Year will be the same.

For those who are concerned with New Year’s resolution, this is your chance to make one before the bell hits 2009. As of this writing I am also writing my New Year’s resolution. I also intend to change some of my social network’s themes or layouts, i.e., adapt New Year MySpace layouts and Friendster skins. A change of Facebook theme is also in the llist of plans.

After this I will encourage my wife to help me blog on a part-time basis. Tasks online and offline are getting more difficult. I sometimes cannot update my blogs even if I wanted to.

New Year MySpace Layouts for Myspace Profile 2.0

New Year MySpace layouts for Myspace Profile 2.0 are becoming in demand as the New Year this 2009 approaches. Myspace layouts designed for New Year are cool. I’ve tried some of them but I have not really decided which to use. Cool New Year MySpace layouts are not very hard to find if you have the patience, time and resourcefulness.

For more details on this topic, please click the link given above. You can read more about cute and nice New Year Myspace layouts in that article.

Tanger Outlets

Tanger Outlets Center are open during Black Friday until Monday (closing schedule). This is your chance to get Tanger Outlets coupons. Tanger Outlets is another company that is attempting to grab a slice of the cake – that is, the Black Friday frenzy. If you want an alternative to big companies like Walmart and Kmart, consider shopping at Tanger Outlets. Discount coupons are available from their website. For more details on Tanger Outlets centers, visit the link given above and read more about this company and their Black Friday discount coupons and hot deals.